Snapchat’s Memory, now users can save photographs

Snapchat’s Memory, now users can save photographs

Snapchat’s Memory, now users can save photographsA bell or whistle is not the latest upgrade from Snapchat. They have made it certain that people will come back to the platform and likely to spend more time as well with the new ability to store image and videos.

Snapchat mentioned about a new feature called Memories considering the request of many users on Wednesday. The new feature will enable users to store & retrieve previous snaps. Which was not the case earlier where images and videos were deleted after they are viewed. Snapchats trademark feature of disappearing photos though will be lost with this but the memories will fill in the gap. This will not only let current users use it more but also lot new people will join in.

The increase in user base and users spending more time on the app will make it a worthy competitor for Facebook and Google. The photo and video features provided by Snapchat are going to allow users to create unique content. And the fact that users can save these branded snaps, an ephemeral picture can be made a long lasting memory.

But a report says Snapchat’s Memory isn’t unique to its platform. Snapchat says the majority of it users are on Facebook and Instagram.


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