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NVidia Joined Force With SAP For AI Projects

1it enterpriseTo bring AI capabilities to its clients SAP is depending on GPU manufacturer, NVidia’s DGX-1 supercomputers announced NVidia. Jen-Hsun Huang CEO at Nvidia said in a statement at the company’s GTC Europe conference in Amsterdam that they and SAP have joined force in order to make the world’s largest enterprise software company to bring the AI benefits to the hundreds of customers of SAP while incorporating SAP with NVidia. SAP teams are building machine-learning tools for the enterprise using the DGX-1 AI supercomputers at Potsdam, Israel, Germany he added.


He mentioned this partnership with SAP NVidia would be having applications running on these servers in order to serve the world’s largest enterprise. Stanford University, OpenAI and UC Berkeley like labs have adopted the DGX-1 supercomputer over the last two months. First purpose built system for deep learning with fully incorporated hardware and software that can be arrayed rapidly and easily is the DGX-1. With NVidias Pascal powered Tesla P100 accelerator the DGX-1 packs 170 teraflops of computing power into one machine, which is approximately equal to 250 conventional servers. It also includes a range of deep learning frameworks and is interconnected with high-speed NVLink technology. In order to boost their efforts in the fast-growing field, two of the Europe’s top AI research centers will join forces with Nvidia.

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