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Note 7 Fiasco Aid Apple For A beyond 100% Profit

1it enterpriseApple is the most profitable smartphone seller in the world even though it is not the biggest seller. In the third quarter of 2016 apple has taken 103.6 percent of profit from all smartphone sales mentioned a report. Smartphone manufacturers such as HTC and LG have reported significant losses and despite iPhone sale decline the company has been significantly profitable. The story behind this mystery is the Apple can manage to apprehend profits past the 100 percent mark as the smartphone industry endures to function largely at a loss. Whereas Samsung was able to manage only 0.9 percent of the profit. The Note 7 fiasco is the reason for Samsung’s share declining in the third quarter. The company has to send replacement devices after the initial one started to explode due to overheating, even the replacements also exploded. According to a report, 50 percent of the Galaxy owners have changed to iPhone after the recall.


Apple’s smartphone sale accounted for 13.2 percent whereas despite its Note 7 fiasco Samsung managed to be the top smartphone seller with a 21.7 percent of units sold. In Q3 2015, Apple took 90 percent of the profits. This financial quarter marks the first time that Apple has been accountable for over 100 percent of the profits of smartphone sales.


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