Microsoft altered the minimum requirement for Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft Altered The Minimum Requirement For Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft altered the minimum requirement for Windows 10 DevicesA minimum requirement for Windows 10 PCs and Mobile devices has been altered by Microsoft in order to ensure maximum security of the devices. The company is expecting the hardware makers to meet the terms accordingly.  Hardware makers are requested to include a feature called Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 in all forms of computing devices starting from Thursday.


TPM 2.0 will do a better job of protecting sensitive information on the device and will benefit the user. The piece of hardware will store and manage cryptographic keys in order to safeguard the user data. Windows Hello is a new feature introduced by Microsoft to eliminate the password. Window Hello include biometric authentication like a fingerprint, face, and iris recognition. This will require a TPM 2.0 chip.


Kevin Murphy, VP of operations, IOActive a security company mentioned in a comment that the TPM will certainly provide security in laptops and outstanding protection for the other precarious data which need authentication. Hackers usually target the PC memory and it being a hardware-based security method will not store anything in the PC memory.


Except for developer board like Raspberry Pi 3, TPM is a minimum requirement for the Windows 10 devices.

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