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Diversity in Billing Could Impulse Law Firms to Reconsider Employment

1it enterpriseAs a complete outsider in her company, Mary Ann Hynes joined the CHH a Fortune 500 company as the first woman general counsel in 1979. She said in a comment that people from different floors just to see what she looked like. She figured out there is a lot of work to do even after the legal profession had made great peace since she started her career. Women make up only 18 percent of the justice partners even after graduating the law school equal to the men.


Passport e-billing platform from Wolters Kluwer is now been incorporated with a ‘Diversity Module’ allowing companies to track the range of their associates and partners. Gender, race and other demographic characteristics of the associates and partners are been tracked by the module. This is because the law firms sometimes are not up to the mark according to some users. Hynes and some partners discussed ways in which the module can be helpful in shifting diversity standard for law firms.


To show better outcomes in the firms and organizations Hynes highlighted that diversity, exclusively along lines of gender and race. In a report, she quoted her study where she mentioned that companies with enhanced gender diversity were 15 percent more likely to outclass national industry medians.


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