Apple tech that can disable cameras can be misused

Apple Tech That Can Disable Cameras Can Be Misused

Apple tech that can disable cameras can be misusedAn online requisition asking Apple no not deploy the tech that will permit third parties to disable the camera under certain situations is been signed by more than 12,000 people. Apple received the infrared tech patent back in June this year.


There is a possibility that the technology that can preclude people from recording prohibited and copyrighted material could be used by the Police to remotely disable phone cameras that might be recording delinquency of law enforcement. There are a number of situations including the fatal shooting by the police of Philando Castile in Minnesota, which was live-streamed by his girlfriend on Facebook were recorded on a phone’s camera.


This tech containing devices can receive infrared data and an electronic device can be used to manipulate the targeted device. The Apple patent mentioned a transmitter can be placed in areas where recording is prohibited like a concert and the signal generated by this transmitter can contain infrared data containing a command to disable recording functions in the targeted area.


A blog post mentioned that this tech has the potential to challenge efforts hold law enforcement accountable even though the technology is been advertised as a tool which can prevent recording of copyright material.

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