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4K In-Home Streaming and PS4 Controller Support Is Added By Steam

1it enterpriseIn the last few day’s Steam has released an updated client with some significant updates and features. For those who likes to use a PS4 controller on the PC, this is a welcome news for them. The controller is now supported in the Steam’s big picture mode fully. With natural API support and robust button, mapping users can configure the PS4 controller the same way you’d configure a native Steam controller. Finger-grained control of haptic settings, stick mice, LED control settings the option for distinct games to optout of using Steam’s configuration support if they’ve executed their own support for a PS4 or another controller support is also been added to the Steam. For those users who want to use a single controller for both PC and console gaming, this improvement is a boon.
4K streaming in thehome is now supported by the Steam if the router and network are up to the challenge. It’s also been updated to be yielding with the version of NVFBC used in the latest Nvidiadrivers and should offer better presentation when fixing games to an orthodox hard drive. Valve essentially wrote this up as “Improved download and patching speeds when games are installed to a traditional non-SSD hard drive,” which might say somewhat about just how many gamers buy SSDs.

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