• Facebook Open Source code endeavors Read more >

    Facebook Open Source code endeavors

    Invites to 54 new Open Source projects were added by Facebook in the last six months. To embolden development from outside companies and developers the company is in a process to Open Source its code for hardware and software. Christine Abernathy, developer advocate at Facebook’s Open Source team wrote in a blog post wrote, “We […]

  • Google’s AI is learning Health-Care Read more >

    Google’s AI is learning Health-Care

    David Silver, a Google researcher doesn’t agree with the AlphaGo’s mysterious success at the Go games as the death chime for the human intellect dominance rather as potential benefits. Silver believes Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo’s next aim should be to help advance human health after it defeated Lee Se-Dol South Korean Go champion in March. At […]

  • Google outspreads the reach of Projects Fi Read more >

    Google outspreads the reach of Projects Fi

    Google is in the course of providing the users with a faster, reliable and less expensive Wi-Fi signal by unifying the world’s Wi-Fi Networks. The deal of Google and Three which will consent Americans to use the experimental Project Fi wireless service in 15 more countries and also remove the speed limit. With that count […]

  • Google concerned about future Quantum Computers Read more >

    Google concerned about future Quantum Computers

    Google publicized that it is testing post-quantum cryptography in chrome envisioning the large Quantum computers can theoretically bypass the security protocol behind HTTPS. Matt Braithwaite explained a post-quantum key exchange algorithm is to be added to a small fraction of connections between Chrome on the desktop and Google’s server. Ensuring the security of users the […]

  • Anvato acquired by Google Read more >

    Anvato acquired by Google

    Anvato which has developed a video software platform to boost its offering in the video delivery segment was acquired by Google. Some large media & entertainment companies such as Univision, NBSUniversal and Fox Sports are using the Anvato’s Media content platform. Encoding, secure distribution, editing and publishing of video content across a verity of platforms […]

  • Google update 100 plus Android flaws Read more >

    Google update 100 plus Android flaws

    Over 100 Android flaws are patched in a new release from Google. This includes Android’s own components and chipset specific drivers. The media server component on Android that is responsible for handling video and audio streaming has been vulnerable in the recent past. By sending a specifically crafted audio or video file to the user […]

  • Google tool for personalized ads Read more >

    Google tool for personalized ads

    Google the IT giant has introduced a new tool that will allow users to personalize the ads that they see on Google native site and the third party sites as well. This might also help the advertisers, who are always looking to target a specific audience for the specific product. The tool will allow users […]


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