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  • Google Added Keep To Its G-Suite Service Read more >

    Google Added Keep To Its G-Suite Service

    Making to-do lists, quickly jotting down notes, saving photos etc. are just a few tasks that can be done with the Google Keep. It is a powerful and versatile tool that can help you throughout the day. Google is now providing the admiration that this versatile tool deserves. The company is integrating it with the […]

  • Zoho Incorporating AI To Its Enterprise Suite Read more >

    Zoho Incorporating AI To Its Enterprise Suite

    The ambition of Zoho of becoming an operating system for the enterprises is evolving with the addition of sales processautomation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to its enterprise software suite. Integration of Blueprint, a sales process automation platform and AI to the Zoho CRM is been announced by the company today. Two additional features are also […]

  • Cloudbleed: ACloudfare Bug Read more >

    Cloudbleed: ACloudfare Bug

    There is no sign of the exploitation of the bug said Cloudfare. However, it will be better to stay protected they added. Following is the description of the bug and what precautionary measure is to be taken. What is the bug all about? The bug is called Cloudbleed. When it encountered a poorly constructed HTML […]

  • Sony Reveled Playstation VR’s Unexpected Sales Figures Read more >

    Sony Reveled Playstation VR’s Unexpected Sales Figures

    For the first time ever Sony has disclosed its sales number for the Playstation Virtual Reality headsets. The company said since the release in October 915,000 units were been sold. This sales figure enables Sony to achieve the target of selling one million units in the time period of six months. Shortage of the PlayStation […]

  • Microsoft Surface Phone Specs Rumored Read more >

    Microsoft Surface Phone Specs Rumored

    The Microsoft’s Surface Phone has had its fair share of rumors. Internet was flooded with the news, leaks, and rumors about the Surface Phone. However, the company has not disclosed any official release dates. Some of the leaks have suggested that the company is definitely working on the Surface Phone alongside the latest Surface tablet, […]

  • SpaceX Planning Tourist Trip To Moon Read more >

    SpaceX Planning Tourist Trip To Moon

    Two paying passengers will be going on a trip to the Moon next year. Yes, you heard it right! Space X is planning to include two paying passengers with the crew on a tourist trip to the moon. The spaceship that will be used is still under construction at NASA announced the launch company on […]

  • Nokia’s Blast From The Past Read more >

    Nokia’s Blast From The Past

    Following the Blackberry’s KEYone with the Blackberry’s iconic physical keyboard, once famous Nokia licensee HMD has announced a product from the past. The Nokia 3310 evoked the companies glory days. However, the 2017 Nokia 3310 is a lot modern than the original 3310. The 3310 was first introduced in the year 2000. Back then it […]


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