Zuckerberg sees ‘better than human’ AI in next 10 years

FacebookFacebook incorporates AI in its system for more personalised newsfeed.

Imagine a Facebook that is personalized for its users and knows even more about them, even things that they didn’t share with Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg expects Artificial Intelligence will progress to make computers better than humans at basic sensory perception within the next 10 years, and that Facebook will end up knowing a lot more about you than it does now for a better newsfeed, which some of us may not like.

We don’t actually look at the photo and deeply understand what’s in it or look at the videos and understand what’s in it or read the links that people share and understand what’s in them, but in the future we’ll be able to, I think in a five or 10-year period,” he said. “That doesn’t mean that the computers will be thinking or be generally better, but that is useful for a number of things,” he told financial analysts on a conference call on Wednesday.

While Facebook already incorporated AI in it system to filter spam is investing a lot more in AI as it tries to build out smarter functions into its service. One of the most visible at present is a face recognition system that often figures out the identity of people in uploaded photos.

In recent months, senior executives at Google have also talked up AI. Last month, Eric Schmidt predicted computers would be able to do some things “better than humans” and this month Google CEO Sundar Pichai said AI would enable a new breed of bots.

That said, it is not incorrect to say that the technology a few years back, while struggled to recognize a dog from a cat has come far. And in future AI will integrate more into our systems and help us in many ways.

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