Windows 10 device counter reached 350 million

Windows 10 device counter reached 350 million

Windows 10 device counter reached 350 millionMicrosoft has announced a groundbreaking 350 million devices running Windows 10. That is an increase of roughly about 50 million since May this year. Yusuf Mehdi, the marketing chief of Windows and devices group said, they would like to thank all who have updated to Windows 10. Last time Mehdi proclaimed Windows 10 when the number reached 300 million on the 5th of May. An Irish Analytics Company tracked Windows 10 increase at 16.8%. For the May 2 to 8 the shares of Windows 10 was 19% and by the week June 20-26 the shares boosted up to 22.2%.

Both the companies didn’t tally the same way. For Microsoft, the number includes personal computers, tablets, Xbox consoles and smartphones as well. On the other hand, Irish Analytics Company took into consideration only personal computers. Considering a situation where a PC visited 20 different websites in a period of one month the Analytics Company counter will show 20 while Microsoft’s counter will show only 1.

It is believed that the Microsoft’s free upgrade to windows 10 offer caused the spike in the charts, but now that this will end on the 29 of July might cause a significant decrease in the average number of devices running Windows 10.

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