Will Tesla Model 3 be the 1st full Autonomous car

Will Tesla Model 3 be the 1st full Autonomous car

Will Tesla Model 3 be the 1st full Autonomous carTesla is not planning to hold back any self-driving features back for the new Model 3 which is due release in late 2017, said Sterling Anderson, the man leading Tesla’s autonomous driving technology.

There is yet much to reveal and the car will feel like a spaceship as the Model 3 is going to be world’s true autonomous car, tweeted Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. But when Sterling Anderson, who leads the development of Tesla’s self-driving Autopilot technology, was asked about it, he dismissed the idea that it would represent some kind of step change and proposed they could create significantly more autonomous cars before the Model 3’s debut.“We will not hold any technology for the Model 3 that we have not released already when it’s ready for other models,” he said.

“Our vehicles will receive the latest technology when we have it,” said Anderson. “Models S and X will continue to lead the way for a while in improvements.”

That suggests when tesla figures out how its vehicles will drive in a wider range of situations than just highways all its vehicles will get the features right away.

Anderson mentioned that his team is looking at how to automate urban driving and handling inter sections. Model S lacked the sensors and other hardware needed to drive itself on the highway at its launch. Then in late 2014 Tesla started adding new sensors and electronically controlled brakes to all Model S vehicles, saying they were for a new emergency braking feature. A year later it offered people with those vehicles the option to turn on self-driving features.


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