The era of Blackberry’s iconic keyboard

The era of Blackberry’s iconic keyboard ended

The era of Blackberry’s iconic keyboardThis may be the end of Blackberry Classic but not the physical keyboard. The company has announced recently that it will not manufacture the Blackberry Classic handsets anymore. The Classic was announced in the year 2014 as a replacement for the older Blackberry Bold.

Despite the cessation of the Classic model the physical keyboard concept is still alive with the Blackberry Passport and Blackberry Priv, the later one is with a slide out keyboard. But the iconic keyboard design is what the fans are going to miss. The company says this cessation will give way to new models. “We are ready for the change and will give our fans a better something. The average lifespan of a smartphone in today’s market is long outdone by the Classic” said the COO and General Manager for devices Ralph Pini in a blog post, which also suggests that there will not be a replacement for the Classic.

Since the introduction of Apple’s iPhone about 10 years ago, there has been a decrease in users of the Blackberry smartphones. In the level of modern smartphones, Blackberry’s iconic keyboard is nothing less than a milestone. With the new devices running Android the company is anticipating to revive its user base.

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