The Big Data Market Consequence

The Big Data Market Consequence

The Big Data Market ConsequenceRecently the Big Data is one the big developments in the tech industry. Combining both structured and unstructured data introduced new kind of insights that were not known before. Conventional businesses like Microsoft and Ford Motor Company are incorporating Big Data which is helpful in their transformations. A few parvenus such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google have built their businesses around Data and have grown in international level.


Cassandra, NoSQL, Hadoop are the new kind of database technologies that need to be mastered in order to deal with unstructured data, that being said it will not be wrong to say Big Data binding is the opposite of easy. Even before it gets to the fancy analytic software and the new database is where the biggest hurdle appears. That will be people, jobs, and business processes.


The biggest frustration of most of the companies is the time required for data preparation including sorting, cleaning, scrubbing etc. before the data can be analyzed. Some companies have incorporated artificial intelligence and machine learning for accomplishing some of these tasks but there are still many more who don’t. If something falls into the gray area the artificial intelligence reaches its limits as it is not very good at making decisions.


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