Tesla’s Auto-Pilot botched, car crashed

Tesla’s Auto-Pilot botched, car crashed

Tesla’s Auto-Pilot botched, car crashedTesla has been in the recent news for implementing autopilot in its new model of cars. Here it is again, but this time, it’s a tragedy. A model S car crashed into a tractor-trailer and the driver was killed. The company said, “This is the first known fatality in over 130 million miles with active Autopilot “. It is a tragic loss the company added.

According to the report, the auto-pilot system failed to recognize a white trailer that took a right turn in front of it and hence no brakes were applied. There is an investigation going on where the U.S National Traffic Safety Administration is involved. This is a set back the automaker and might hamper the policies for upcoming self-driven cars.

Tesla uses RADAR, camera, and ultrasonic sensors to keep the car on the road, change lane and simultaneously apply brakes when required. But the crash displayed a flaw as the auto-pilot system is supposed to deduce the surrounding perfectly.

Tesla mentioned in a comment that the company by default disabled the autopilot system and unambiguous acknowledgment is required to enable it. Tesla also added that the technology in the public Beta test stage.

The NHTSA’s investigation is a primary inquiry to determine if the auto-pilot system worked according to the expectation. The company also mentioned that though the system is getting better every day, it is not perfect yet and the drivers are required to remain alerted when the auto-pilot is turned on, but not all follow


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