Tech_ and_ Cyber _Pros_ Learnt _from_ the_ Hurricane-Florence…

Tech and Cyber Pros Learnt from the Hurricane-Florence…

Tech_ and_ Cyber _Pros_ Learnt _from_ the_ Hurricane-Florence…With the country being well prepared for yet another massive hurricane strike in the U.S, a different type of storm threat emerged raising greatest concern for the Carolinas. As coverage of Hurricane Florence unfolded.
Beginning midweek, long before the information about the location of Florence making a landfall in the Carolinas. The weather forecasters report that the storm appeared differently and also anticipated that the impacts of Florence would last for days. Later the forecasters predicted that some areas in North and South Carolina might see heavy rain throughout the weekend. Lastly, the slowness of the storm is the main reason to make it so deadly and dangerous.
• Warnings were out that Florence would likely slow down and meander along the coast.
• The forecasters predicted that some areas in North and South Carolina might see heavy rain throughout the weekend.
• Could result in Record flooding.
• Storm surge where anticipated to be relentless due to unprecedented duration.
With Expert after expert reiterating the challenges posed by the relentless pounding of rain by Florence, ample reminders of cyber threats were out with regards to the after-effects of the hurricane. It was a great success till here, but now as we stress on the negatives,
• The length of the challenges posed by such events have to be studied with emergency response teams.
• An overlook for hazards, including cyber incidents should be made mandatory.
By the studies made on the Florence, it is now made evident that, “Low and slow” cyber attacks- a term used to describe DDOS or other online attack situations need a wider perspective now including the cyberspace as a matter of fact.


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