Swarming Drones Can they became new Face of Air Warfare

Swarming Drones: Can they became new Face of Air Warfare?

Swarming Drones Can they became new Face of Air WarfareTiny flying bots to take down enemy defences. The statement itself is describing the future of Air Warfare. The US Air Force has long discussed using swarms of miniaturized drones for attack and surveillance missions, but as its adversaries build more sophisticated weapons to counter traditional platforms, US Air force service is responding with a new strategy to field.

The US Air Force on Tuesday rolled out its 20-year flight plan for small, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

The strategy hinges on advancing three critical capabilities:

  • Teaming: two or more assets, operated by ground commanders, cooperating with one another.
  • Loyal Wingman: a host platform, for instance a manned fighter aircraft that directs multiple small UAS.
  • Swarming: a large number of minibots that work together in a collaborative, or “meshed,” network.

At a rollout event at the Pentagon, Baker said commanders can use the swarm for a single objective, like a major attack, or disperse the bots across a region for 24/7 surveillance.

Swarming technology changes the game for future warfare, according to Col. Brandon “BB” Baker, chief of the Air Force’s remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) capabilities division.

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