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Self-Driving Program Of Uber Is In A Stand Still

1it enterpriseIn San Francisco, the Uber’s self-driving cars have come to a standstill. After the DMV revoked the test, vehicle registration the ride-hailing company has pulled its self-driving Volvos from the streets of California. The company said they would remain devoted to California and double their efforts towards developing suitable rules. The 16 Uber cars were targeted, as they are not market generously as test vehicles. The department, however, is ready to assist Uber to obtain that permit again. The earlier resistance with the regulator is reflected with the action taken by the company.Last week, the DMV told Uber that it must end the maneuvers on public roads and begin the process to obtain suitable licenses or face legal action. Since the company began, giving rides to the passengers ride in the SUVs in San Francisco it’s been a little controversial. The controversy arises primarily from the bicycle riders in the city.


California’s DMV’s definition of autonomous vehicles is not applicable on the Uber Volvo’s said the company initially. However, competitors of Uber-like the Tesla and Google has pursued DMV’s permission prior to testing their vehicles on roads with public in it. In Pittsburgh, the ride-hailing company is allowing customers inside the car.


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