Samsung Considering An Online TV Streaming

Samsung Considering An Online TV Streaming

Samsung Considering An Online TV StreamingSamsung Electronics leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. Now Samsung is planning to enter the TV streaming market. We already have options like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV with more expected to arrive in the future. Add Samsung to that list.

Bloomberg reports that Samsung is having discussions with the networks over how much they’re going to charge to allow the company to carry their networks over to its TV streaming service.The report also mentions that Samsung is talking to them about the possibility of offering their channels on a global basis instead of limiting them to subscribers in the United States, which is something that Sling TV and PlayStation Vue both do.

It appears that Samsung is in early talks with potential partners so nothing can be said for sure at this point in time. The possibility exists that Samsung might abandon the entire idea.

Why would it, though? Samsung is a leader in the global TV market as well as in the mobile market. It has a huge user base which can be used to push the online TV streaming service when it’s launched. One can make the case that Samsung is in a better position than most to launch an online TV streaming service.

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