Robots Are Equally Compelling As Human Surgeons

Robots Are Equally Compelling As Human Surgeons

Robots Are Equally Compelling As Human SurgeonsA study has now proven that robotic arms are equally effective as human hands when comes to surgery. Since the Da Vinci Surgical system was approved by Food and Drug administration 16 years ago the use of robotics in surgery shoot-up.


The robots that come with a $2 million price tag is used to perform most of the prostatectomies (surgery to remove the prostate gland) in the US. Surgeons use robotics systems in surgery as an aid. Use of robotic equipment in the surgery is easier to recover from when compared to a conventional operation as it requires a smaller incision. This kind of surgery is called RALP (Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy). A surgeon controls the robotic arms containing necessary equipment for the surgery and a high magnification camera to see the inside of the abdomen from a control center with a screen.


It has not been substantiated whether the robotic surgery is more or less effective than an open surgery. This week’s medical journal The Lancet Concludes showed a study confirming the result of a surgery performed by a human surgeon and a robot is very much similar. Many clinicians claimed that the use of robotics in surgery has improved the quality of life of the patient but in real-world, it is both the results are same.


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