‘Reality Capture’ a 3-D vision for Robots

‘Reality Capture’ a 3-D vision for Robots

‘Reality Capture’ a 3-D vision for RobotsReality Capture, an emerging tech countenances Robots to map the world in 3-D. Our science has come a long way since the first robot was designed, but even the modern day robots use 2-D insight to observe the world.

A company called PIXMAP has developed a 3-D perception technology ‘Reality Capture’ for the Robots. This can change the modern day machines observe the world as they can capture geometry along with the color.

In the future the personal assistance Robots will have to learn the environment, identify the front entrance, feed pets etc. in other words the tasks that the Robots will be expected to do will be much broader. The 3-D vision will help the Robots to pick and place objects without bumping.

Until last year 3-D sensing was accomplished optically. This required precise calibration of the optics. But towards the end of last year a company called StereoLabs presented an affordable stereo Camera which when incorporated into a Robot or Drone will give the machine a human vision alike experience. These stereo sensors don’t need precise alignment of the optics, rather the algorithm adapts to any sensor variation. Increasing complexity, rapid prototyping and the sinking price  of sensors is bringing the change in the world of Robotics.

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