Ransomware has become an epidemic

Ransomware has become an epidemic

Ransomware has become an epidemicRansomware is a malware which when downloaded and installed on a device will bar access to the device and encrypt files as well. Then comes the demand for virtual currency in return of the key. If it means spurring any payment, cyber attackers running the ransomware campaign will negotiate.

According to a report three out of four cyber attackers are willing to negotiate the original ransom demanded. Sometimes the attackers impose a deadline for the victim to freak out and pay ASAP. Though this deadline is flexible mentioned the report. Ransomware has set a benchmark in the Cybersecurity industry but we are not very far behind, said a security firm. Average user or SMB must take a more customer support intensive approach as there are many state-sponsored attacks running worldwide and because of this many operators are acting as prevailing business persons.

Cerber is the best of them with an offer of 12 language support web page and a decryption trial. The word rampant or epidemic is used to describe the intention of the ransomware. A good security software, proper software updates and the most important is to take a regular backup of the data in order to prevent being a victim in the first place. We are ultimately taking the opportunity to prompt organizations about what they should do to guard themselves against situations like this though we intend to offer a different look at this issue of mass crime.


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