Quidts, Qubits

‘Qudits’ instead of ‘Qubits’ are to be used for Quantum Computing

Quidts, Qubits Unless we figure out a real-world way to build Quantum Computers, the dream of a giant leap in the science of performance and efficiency will remain a dream. To build a Quantum Computers is not that easy as the qubits that that is a major component is highly unstable. Qubits are the Quantum equivalents of bits used for a conventional computer. While a bit characterizes data as 0’s and 1’s, a qubit has the ability to be 0’s and 1’s at the same time which is something known as superposition.


The heart of Quantum Computing’s exciting potential is the Superposition. Qubits not only remain in their state but also interact with each other. The ions or electrons that are required to create qubits only remain in that certain quantum state for a short time. And when there is a question of dozens of qubits the problem gets even riskier.


The physicist from Russian Quantum Center and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology projected a different approach. Their approach suggests increasing the capacity of unit’s i.e. calculation doing ability rather than maintaining the stability of a bunch. And for this purpose, they are using ‘qudit’ (a qubit alternative).


The researchers result were published in a series of papers such as Quantum Measurements and Quantum Metrology, Physics Letters A and Physical Review A.

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