Project Malmo from Microsoft to help develop AI

Project Malmo from Microsoft to help develop AI

Project Malmo from Microsoft to help develop AIProject Malmo’s source code has been published by Microsoft and with a little programming, people can perform AI experiments in the world of Minecraft. Back in March when the Project AIX has disclosed only a few academics have access to it, which has been opened to all by the company this Thursday.

In order to perform AI experiments and observe how the AI behave, the world of Minecraft is the epitome, for which Microsoft had paid USD 2.5 billion couple of years ago. It being a simulation, the rough machine and out of control car is not going to hurt anyone. The waiting time to get the results can be diminished to almost none and servers can record the details of the experiment for further study as well. The equipment part should be a breeze considering it a simulation and the published result will also benefit other researchers.

The researchers can modify and introduce AI essentials to the base code of the Minecraft. Video games often use AI to control rogues in a shooting game. But considering the other field of struggle those Artificial Intelligences are incoherent.

Researchers can build AIs that can learn from its environment and can achieve objectives like make decision and task completion with Project Malmo.

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