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Pokemon Go Glitch (Gigantic Pokemon Appearance) is Evident Again

1it enterpriseA bug that is capable of transferring game characters into giant versions of themselves has appeared in “Pokemon Go”. With the slither of anomalies that gamers have acknowledged in the current days, it seems that Niantic’s improved Nearby Feature may have led to the bugs. Given its unique gameplay element millions of gamers have downloaded Niantic’s mobile gaming app when the game was first released. The game created a global craze with the option to catch virtual versions of favoritePokemon characters in the real world. Many “Pokemon Go” fans were frustrated with the bugs and other issues. After numerous game enhancements and patch updates, the company was able to take care of many of the gaming bugs and even familiarized new content and actions for the mobile gaming app. To frustrate the eager fans the glitches have shown again recently.


Gigantic Buddy Pokemon creatures are been observed by many on their screens.Screenshots of giant Pokemon characters whose size nearly incorporated a gamer’s mapwere mentioned on the social media site posts. When the gamer taps into their player profile icon the glitch appears. Even though for a small time but the Buddy Pokemon appears on the screen and then revert back to its smaller size.


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