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Online Con Artists Imprisoned By US Law Enforcement Agency

1it enterprise_BFSIShopping and job opportunity scam related seven criminals has been sent to prison by the US law enforcement agency. For their parts in online con schemes, which included counterfeit checks, online shopping websites and fake work-from-home jobs the Chief U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola Jr. of the Southern District of Mississippi has sentenced seven citizens. All the seven are related to large scale international fraud ring which mentioned Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell in a statement.


Believing they are working with a legitimate company as the victims receive checks and detailed instructions for various tasks. Personal assistance job opportunities and fraudulent mystery shopper were run to disguise the fraud. Destined to be laundered in the US before transferring over to Nigeria the check’s bounce after the criminals receive funds from victims. Some victims who initially started out with online dating service became members of the group. Pleaded guilty to one count of treachery to commit identity theft and theft of government property, as well as one tally of racketeering and were both sentenced to 10 years in prison are Anthony Shane Jeffers, 44, of Maryville, Tennessee and Funso Hassan, 27, of Ibadan, Nigeria.


Despite the effort of email provider to filter this kind of emails in your spam box, there are many citizens who fall for this kind of offers. The group was sentenced five years in prison.

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