On_ a_ Road_ to_ Nowhere_--_ E-Scooters

On a Road to Nowhere– E-Scooters

On_ a_ Road_ to_ Nowhere_--_ E-ScootersWith the summer winds turning cold, let’s hope that one of the season’s most outlandish and unnecessary fads going with it. Yes, you are guessing it right; we are talking about- Bird and Lime e-scooters. The two rival companies of Mobility as a Service scheme for vehicles that stormed America in 2000 are now nearing the dead-end.
Back then in 2003, Razor launched the electric-power models with Bird and Lime under a subscription model instead of an ownership.

Bird, Lime and Spin pertained to similar business strategies – to provide simple, cheap transportation for the nearest mile may it be from a parking lot, from the edge of a downtown district, or a subway even may it be from a mass transit stop to the desired destination.

The concept similar to bike share programs, which allow users to rent equipment for a short trip. But in this scenario, there are no central docking stations in the bike rentals. Furthermore, these companies have also introduced their scooters in a number of cities across the country without considering its infrastructure, do not contain any particular designated drop-off points but as alternative scooters are abandoned found around urban localities

Perhaps let us assume that this is exactly what the companies had in their mind. The idea behind might be to presume curious individuals to stumbled upon one will try it out, and in the process may create buzz which might turn these scooters into the next big trend.

The venture capital funding the companies has exceeded US$250 million by attracting and combining the customers which showcase that there is a population still attracted towards scooters.
I hope they are wrong most probably!


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