Node.js access is provided to other JavaScript engines by Microsoft

NodeMicrosoft is working on a standard interface to empower different virtual machines to access the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform with the plans for its ChakraCore JavaScript engine in vision. ChakraCore is a V8 engine underlying Node.js currently Mac OS and Linux. Preview for the Node-ChakraCore on Linux is ready declared Microsoft. This links the ChakrCore to the to the Node.js server-side platform. An experimental implementation of ChakraCore runtime on a Mac OS and x64 Linux is also featured by Microsoft.


Powering the Microsoft Edge browser and the universal Windows platform ChakraCore is the open source core of the windows-only ChakraCore JavaScript engine. The company is intended to take Node.js past its current ties with Google’s V8 javaScript engine. At San Francisco Arunesh Chandra, senior program manager for ChakraCore at Microsoft said the company intends to make Node be skeptical of the VM it supports. Node breaks the ecosystem very often as it is sensitive to fluctuations he added.


Bringing ChakraCore to Mac OS and Linux will allow developers to build cross-platform applications with the engine claimed Microsoft. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is where most of the development and testing take place but other distributions should be able to use this as well. The engine doesn’t have high-performance Garbage Collection (GC) or Just In Time compilation (JIT) on it.

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