Nigel from Kimera has Human-like intelligence

Nigel from Kimera has Human-like intelligence

Nigel from Kimera has Human-like intelligenceKimera Systems announced the closing of angel fundings. The company developed the commercial human-like intelligence technology for connected device.  The company scaled its breakthrough NigelTM AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) tech and brought it to market because of the private investments. It will be an understatement to say that Kimera’s Nigel technology is mind-blowing.


The insinuations of the intelligence technology learn and understands across every domain and is not limited to a single domain is really cosmological. Ben Larson said the decision of investing in the Nigel is not that difficult after talking with several Artificial Intelligence experts. Nigel’s ability to react and learn from its situations has been demonstrated by Kimera since one year now. In the search of learning and gathering data from the real world, Nigel is about to be rolled out commercially for the first time.


Mounir Shita, Founder, and CEO of Kimera Systems mentioned in a statement it changes everything when machines start to appreciate what they observe and actively help people achieve their goals. The impact that the internet had on people will be surpassed the impact of technology that understand. Nigel is based on a newer approach towards artificial intelligence that combines the soft and hard sensor data enabling Nigel to understand the problems in real world situations, unlike the current deep learning techniques which are far from achieving human-like intelligence.


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