Next ARM Chip will be Efficient&Performance oriented

Next ARM Chip will be Efficient&Performance oriented

Next ARM Chip will be Efficient&Performance orientedThe mobile processor manufacturing company ARM has designed the next-generation of chips Cortex A-73, mostly aimed at high performance with longer battery life. Cortex A-73 is to be announced at Computex in Taipei on this Monday. “This chip is focused on efficiency as this generation likes to spend more time on their mobile units.

“Considering the current market demand our phones have enough power for performing tasks at daily basis. Considering on demand screen size and thin profile the batteries are going to be the same for a while. The only factor that is changing is the use of the mobile phone, people started playing demanding games, watch movies on the go and not to mention the virtual reality, which means putting the screen inches from eyes. These aren’t short-term activities like loading a web page or making a call. Users need a consistent quality experience in these ongoing activities. Chips have to be powerful enough to handle such applications without consuming too much energy so that at the end of the session the user should be able to make a call or send a text message”, said Bruce, ARM’s director of mobile solutions.

The gap and sustained performance rate will be much less than the older chip design Cortex A-72.  The A-73 chip will perform at its peak speed for a longer period of time-consuming considerably less battery power. From top-of-the-line smartphones to handsets priced as low as 200 USD will be equipped with the new A-73 chip. “ARM’s partners can produce CPUs with different numbers of cores to meet their needs”, Bruce added.

Mali-G71 a new design of GPU is also introduced by the company, based on its graphics chip architecture called Bifrost. Just like the Cortex A-73 the GPU is designed for efficiency & sustained performance.

Still cameras, TVs, Drones and even virtual Reality headsets will be equipped with the high-end version of the Cortex A-73. The lower end of the chip will find their way into low-resolution phones.

The new CPU and GPU should be made available for chipmaker’s SoC (system-on-chip) products for delivery in phones next year, ARM says.


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