More Glitches Found In Ios Than Android

More Glitches Found In Ios Than Android

More Glitches Found In Ios Than AndroidDuring the last few years, the status of Apple that once stood tall took quite a few hits mostly due to the software that runs in the veins of the hardware iOS. Issues like frequent crashes, annoyingly short battery life and making Wi-Fi unusable are a few to name bugs present in the OS. Though apple hasn’t confirmed any related problems but this week’s latest is a hardware flaw that makes the screen unusable.


How widespread these issues are is still a question but a report mentioned the iPhones are supposed to fail considering the smartphone’s quality. It also mentioned an overall failure rate of iPhones to be 58 percent which is just 35 percent in the case of Android models. To diagnose phones some carriers and device manufacturers use Blancco which shows any potential flaws in that phones. According to Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer at Blancco mentioned in a statement that it is not actually 58 percent of all iOS devices are likely to fail rather it is like 58 percent of those devices which were been tested by Blancco failed. Affecting 65 percent of the devices tested the most common performance issue for iOS devices was app crashes, followed by Wi-Fi problems at 11 percent, and headset and mobile data issues, both at 4 percent.


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