iNEXT, Self-driving car from BMW

iNEXT, Self-driving car from BMW

iNEXT, Self-driving car from BMWThe German car maker BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) has plans to produce a completely autonomous vehicle targeted to run both on city streets and highways by the year 2021.

To achieve this target the company has partnered with Mobileye and Intel. The autonomous vehicle will be named iNEST. The company has plans for making a series of autonomous vehicles, of which iNEXT is the first. These vehicles will be widely used as automated ride-sharing and taxies. Exact dates are not declared but it is expected that the company will start testing soon.

Automatic breaking, RADAR, high-res cameras, thermal sensors are already been adopted by many automakers. Google is leading this race and has already a vehicle on the road. EyeQ5 is a chip specific to Mobileye which can collect, process & analyze data from sensors and make the self-driving safer. Tesla has already using Mobileye’s chips.

On the other hand, Intel can provide Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) chips and tools for security. Self-driving cars depend on deep learning systems and Intel will be benefited from this. In this perspective Intel acquired a few companies specialize in computer vision and safety features to cars. Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel said, “This ecosystem will need secure and powerful electronic brains to make them take decisions like human brains”.


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