Impossible Things

‘Impossible Things’ a horror story was written by AI

‘Impossible Things’ a horror story was written by AIFor some time now the AI (Artificial Intelligence) is experimenting with the art line, and recently it took a huge step by writing its first full-length horror movie script. The story goes like this “Following the unnatural death of a young daughter a family moved to a country home where the mother Madeline stays back at home to refurbish the house and look after her other two children. While being at the house Madeline experienced a supernatural phenomenon where she saw visions of a crazy woman and a child bizarrely similar to the one she lost”. The story was named ‘Impossible Things’.


Using Big Data and AI right from the beginning it was ensured that the horror script is creepiest and scariest. A target of $22,843 has been set for the movie. A Canadian company Greenlight that helps to make movie makers use Big Data. ‘Impossible Things’ is the creation of Greenlight.


A software that allows its users without programming knowledge to discover patterns from years of movie making. Thousands of plots are used to train the AI to correlate and summarize for the box office performance.


Jack Zhang, Essential Founder, and CEO, Greenlight said the AI is smart enough to suggest deviations and plot twist, type of casting and much more.


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