Google’s AI is learning Health-Care

Example+of+holographic+storytellingDavid Silver, a Google researcher doesn’t agree with the AlphaGo’s mysterious success at the Go games as the death chime for the human intellect dominance rather as potential benefits. Silver believes Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo’s next aim should be to help advance human health after it defeated Lee Se-Dol South Korean Go champion in March.

At the International Joint conference on AI held at New York, he talked to the audience about these technologies to have a positive impact in the real world. Go has long been considered as a critical challenge for AI researchers with a board combination counting more than there are atoms in the universe. The training of AlphaGo was on expert level human moves at first and millions of self-play games later. No doubt its moves are described by the experts as ‘creative’ at the game with Se-dol.

U.K based DeepMind announced a research partnership with Moorfield Eye Hospital after the launch of the health division last month. AlphaGo’s deep learning brilliance are been applied to health analytics by DeepMind. At Moorfield Eye Hospital, Go’s machine learning will be applied to study age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

At the game, it showed it can learn from self-play figure and data. “With that success, we can look forward to many other domains”, Silver said.

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