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Google Use A.I To Cut Down On Power Consumption

Google use AGoogle has established an objective to power all its data centers to work on 100% renewable energy. The company found ways to significantly reduce the energy uses in its data center by utilizing the superior intelligence of its DeepMind neural networks. DeepMind makes up world’s 40% of the internet.


Google has invested $1.5 billion in 22 utility scale wind or solar projects around the world, making it the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy. The company said on its data center website, “When added up, these numbers signify a total capacity of over 2.5GW, which is significantly more electricity than we use”. When this been put into perspective the electricity produced is equivalent to what approximately 500,000 homes.


The Google acquired DeepMind based in London is an artificial intelligence company known for its human central nervous system inspires neural networks that actively learns about an environment to solve complex tasks. Chronological data such as temperatures, power and pump speeds from the sensor output is used by DeepMind in order to train its artificial intelligence’s neural network on the average future PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). To predict the future pressure & temperature of the data center to recommend action additional neural networks are then used.

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