Google concerned about future Quantum Computers

Google concerned about future Quantum Computers

Google concerned about future Quantum ComputersGoogle publicized that it is testing post-quantum cryptography in chrome envisioning the large Quantum computers can theoretically bypass the security protocol behind HTTPS. Matt Braithwaite explained a post-quantum key exchange algorithm is to be added to a small fraction of connections between Chrome on the desktop and Google’s server. Ensuring the security of users the post-quantum algorithm has to be added on top of the elliptic curve key exchange algorithm. Users can locate this under the Developer Tools as CECPQ1, in Chrome Canary.

Braithwaite mentioned in a comment that the company will have a real world experience with the larger data-structure that post-quantum algorithm will entail. Any internet communication recorded today can be decrypted by the future quantum computer where as many information needs to remain confidential for decades hence we must start giving it a thought today. The quantum computers will use qubits (a.k.a subatomic quantum bits) which can be proficient in carrying out multiple calculations simultaneously and be in multiple states at one time.

Few other companies are also experimenting on quantum computing. SK telecom of South Korea and KPN of Netherland are also testing quantum algorithms. Google is using a post-quantum algorithm called ‘New Hope’ for the cryptographic experiment.

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