Flying COW project from AT&T

Flying COW project from AT&T

Flying COW project from AT&TAT&T a telecommunication service provider is using Drones for inspecting its cellular towers. The company is looking forward to boosting its LTE network with the drones as well. Imagine a concert or an event where thousands of fans are crowding the network or rapid disaster management response where wireless coverage is clogged, a Flying COW (Cell on Wings) can help.

As of now the company is using drones to only inspect cell towers where the drone provides a live video feed wirelessly to an engineer in charge. This process is both quicker and safer. But in future, the company is planning to deploy drones to provide a wireless network.

I am thrilled to see that drone inspection information is more accurate than the kind of information we had in the past, said Art Pregler, Drone program director of AT&T. This is just the beginning of drone use in the commercial sector, the sky is the limit he added.

A very interesting man-machine relationship can be foreseen as the drone, AI and robots continue to evolve. The curiosity in the commercial use of a drone is expanding in a rapid manner Google, Verizon and Amazon also have drone projects alongside AT&T. The company is also exploring the use of drones in other fields such as developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications in insurance, farming, facility inspections and delivery service.

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