Facebook’s new laser communication technology

Facebook’s New Laser Communication Technology

Facebook’s new laser communication technologyA laser detector that could open airwaves to a high-speed data communication system without the need of any dedicated spectrum or license has been developed by Facebook. The company’s connectivity lab is responsible for this technology that will spread high-speed internet to places which currently lack the service.

The limitations of the most cost effective way to provide the internet to a new area is conventional wireless which needs permission from the govt. have made the engineers to develop a system where data can be communicated in a point to point manner with the help of laser beam. Multiple systems can work without interference. But this is not very easy, photodiodes fast enough to decrypt the multi-gigabyte speed laser beam has to be achieved first.

The traveling laser beam can spread out with the increase in distance and eventually the will get bigger in area than the smaller photodiode needed for fast decryption. But answering this Facebook has developed a detector that is larger than what is required and can still work faster.

With an active area of 126 sq. cm this luminescent receiver consist of a bundle of optical fibers nobbled with organic dye to absorb blue light and emit green. The green light is directed through the fibers eventually connected to the photodiode at a 0.2 sq. cm diameter.

Facebook managed to achieve a speed of 2.1 Gbps at a test conducted. The company believes the tech can be used both indoors and outdoors for transmitting data and establishing high-speed connection respectively.

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