Facebook to incorporate Multilingual Composer

Facebook to incorporate Multilingual Composer

Facebook to incorporate Multilingual ComposerYour Facebook post might appear in the language you want it to. Facebook the social media giant is incorporating a fresh AI to overcome language hurdles. The ‘Multilingual composer’ feature is been rolled out to some users.

Users can put together the post in their own language and the Multilingual Composer will translate the pot into 45 different languages which social media supports at this stage. The algorithm will consider users location, preferred and commonly used language to display the post once posted.

Half of its users are non-native English speakers & this application could be beneficial for businesses which use social media to advertise mentioned Facebook in a comment. The concept is more visible the ad to the targeted audience the better it is for both the company who posted it and Facebook.

At present businesses have to put together the same post in different languages to reach broader audiences. This is a tiresome task both for source and the target. Multilingual Composer seems to found the key.

Though sounds fantastic it is not that simple to translate the message in different languages and still convey the exact meaning. If Facebook can overcome this challenge then this will bring customer satisfaction otherwise this can be a disaster.

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