Facebook partially encrypted its Messenger

Facebook partially encrypted its Messenger

Facebook partially encrypted its MessengerMessenger from Facebook is a bit more secure now as now it encrypts your messages. Other messaging apps such as WhatsApp & Viber etc. have followed this trend now Facebook messenger is a new addition.

The company announced an E2EE (End-To-End Encryption) feature called ‘secret conversation’ for it messenger app on this Friday. But it is still in beta version and is released to a limited public. The company will widen its coverage later this summer.

Unlike WhatsApp where the whole of conversations are encrypted, the secret conversation on Facebook messenger has one-to-one conversations on the go where group messaging is not covered. No third-party, not even Facebook can interpret the message on its way. There is also a rumor of self-destructing message from Facebook. The snapchat like self-destruct messages will disappear from the inbox after a preset amount of time. The secret conversations will not be integrated into the main conversation.

The secret conversations are stripped up of the inclusion of GIFs, videos etc. and will only work with single device. The company didn’t include a system for the secret conversations to be used in multiple devices. The company uses the same ‘Open Whisper System’ signal as used in WhatsApp and Allo.

Facebook has not disclosed whether it is going to fully encrypt messenger, but with a few additions like multi-device use, this can be a standard feature.

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