DNA data storage, 200 MB milestone achieved

DNA data storage, 200 MB milestone achieved

DNA data storage, 200 MB milestone achievedBy storing 200 MB of data on a synthetic DNA strand is a record-breaking achievement by the researchers at Microsoft and University of Washington. The 200 MB data storage milestone is not just about encoding and decoding more amount of data rather it is about the space the stores data. As the data is encoded it inhabits a space that is about the size of the tip of a needle.

Even in extreme conditions, the half-life of DNA is about 500 years. The half-life of DNA means the rate at which half of it strands break or decay. This is a big leap for our science and once the complications were taken care of, with DAN storage the size of a desk compartment can hold all the data accessible to the public over the internet.

The demand for storage is increasing as the world’s data is growing exponentially and DNA storage is denser than HDDs, SSDs or even the futuristic phase-change-memory. And the fact that DNA strands can withheld data for centuries makes it superior to the other storage devices. DNA strands can be used for archive purpose.

The researchers said, “The string of zeros and ones in digital data were converted to the building blocks of DNA i.e. adenine (As), guanine (Gs), cytosine (Cs) and thymine (Ts)”. For long term storage, the data is broken down into pieces and synthesized on tiny DNA molecules then dehydrated and preserved.


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