Curiosity Mars Rover Gets An AI Upgrade

Curiosity Mars Rover Gets An AI Upgrade

Curiosity Mars Rover Gets An AI UpgradeNo humans needed as Curiosity the Mars Rover from NASA decides on its own what to capture and what to shoot a laser at. The space agency announced that since a week the Curiosity is choosing targets on its own using the AI (Artificial Intelligence). Though most targets are still chosen by the curious scientists but the fact that the rover can make its own decision is a new milestone in the mission.


The rover is working since the time it landed on the Mars surface in 2012 on a mission to search of life on the red planet in whatever form possible. At times it is difficult to loop the science team and sometimes the Earth, Mar and spacecraft activities lead to loss of information is when the self-sufficiency comes in handy.


Curiosity has a software anomaly earlier this month and now it’s back to work. So far this is been a successful mission as the rover containing drills, scientific instruments, and cameras were able to discover that the red planet has chemicals needed to sustain life and also rivers and freshwater lakes.


The AI been incorporated into the systems of Curiosity and now the rover can decide if the rock or soil ahead is scientifically fascinating or not with the use of its laser and telescopic camera.


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