Cozmo from Anki, the robot with emotions

Cozmo From Anki, The Robot With Emotions

Cozmo from Anki, the robot with emotionsAnki’s latest Robot named Cozmo is a fascinating little toy which will make you go young again.

Remember Wall-E and Eva from the movie Wall-E, well Cozmo has physiognomies of both of them. Cozmo’s facial expressions and physical movements are a delight to interact with. But don’t be fooled by the looks, it does have some serious robotics underneath its physical appearance.

Anki will release the SDKs for developers to create custom Cozmo functions with the release of Cozmo around October this year. The SDKs will make it extremely easy for the developers to incorporate complex functions with just a single line of code. For instance, the robot feels curious when it encounter a face for the first time or a bit more complex tasks like recognizing multiple objects in its path and find a way through. These SDKs will also guide Cozmo about how to position himself to pick an object so that developers don’t have to teach Cozmo manually.

These type of SDKs can be used in various types of scenarios such as creating new games based on object and facial recognition. Kids can program their Cozmo to act in a certain way when around their family members and outsiders.

Cozmo is not perfect and did fail to accomplish certain assigned tasks at times but again that is the fun part and will keep the interest of the user. The robot will be available around this October at a price of $179 and the SDKs will follow soon after.

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