Comcast to offer Netflix streaming

Comcast to offer Netflix streaming

Comcast to offer Netflix streamingUsers can watch Netflix on Comcast’s X1 interactive television box without Roku or Chromecast as the two irreconcilable rivals have made a deal. Although it is not clear yet if the users have to pay separately to use Netflix as content viewed through X1 is considered as TV. Net neutrality might be a question in this type of arrangement.

Netflix has much to lose the streaming services prioritized by providers over Netflix and as a reason, Netflix supports net neutrality enthusiastically. Internet service providers are barred from choosing a favorite by the Federal Communication Commission last year. Abide by this law Comcast can’t intentionally block certain streams and allow some.

Under the FCC’s rule the X1 doesn’t qualify as an internet service provider rather it is an IP cable provider. Comcast is overtly immune from the Open Internet Order. The distance that differentiates IP cable and Internet is reducing. The streaming video and TV services will not count towards data plan of the user Comcast announced last year. This enables users to stream Netflix over an IP cable service. Although FCC has the authority to arbitrate if the IP cable is used exclusively, but in this case, FCC may not show any interest as Comcast is using third-party service.

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