Are the Humans ready for Automation yet

Are the Humans ready for Automation yet?

Are the Humans ready for Automation yetIs the self-driving technology safe? Is the public primed to use the semi-autonomous driving tech? These are the questions upraised after the Tesla Model S botched and the owner was killed. There is a report of another such accident involving the Tesla Model X, where the owner claimed he had just activated the autopilot. Though about this accident Tesla denied the involvement of Auto-Pilot.

The point to consider here is even though airplanes have an autopilot system highly trained pilot are required to manage them and also make a decision in critical times. It will not be wrong to say that higher level of automation doesn’t necessarily mean greater success.

When the auto-pilot is activated the acknowledgment box clarifies, auto-pilot is an assist feature and hands on the wheels is required all the time. One need to maintain control and obligation of their vehicle while using it.

The National Highway Traffic safety Administration (NHTSA) has created a ranking system to describe the level of automation, where level 0 is no automation and level 4 is fully automated. The Tesla is at level 2 in the ranking system. Level 2 automation denotes at least the cruise control and the lane centering working in unison with each other. Despite the Tesla ranked at level 2, some users were found using it like a level 4 automation.


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