Apple OS Sierra published for beta test, Siri trending

Apple OS Sierra published for beta test, Siri trending

Apple OS Sierra published for beta test, Siri trendingThis is the third consecutive year Apple has allowed a beta test for upcoming OS. Mac OS Sierra is published today for those testers who have signed up for it, in about less than a month since it was announced at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.

The Apple OS, this time, has some noteworthy enhancements that are promising enough to change the user interaction. The integration of Siri means using voice commands to control your desktop. But there is more Siri on Mac has some specific tricks. The public acceptance of using voice commands to control devices has been on a rise. Siri has learned the platform specific tricks over the years. For instance, the Siri on Apple TV will search content specific to TV platform.

To access Siri users have to click on the icon placed on the dock, from the menu bar or by assigning a key which by default is the spacebar. In case you are wondering about the Siri always listening part, it’s not been integrated yet. Siri will save user queries for easy access later in the notification area. Keeping track of a specific project will be a breeze with those search objects.

Siri is the most interesting integration in this update but apart from that, some other enhancements are also there namely video playback in a small window, storage optimization, and advanced continuity feature which will allow the other Apple devices to communicate with each other more effectively.

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