AMD’s New CPU+GPU Combined Mega Chip Is Aimed At Servers

CPU + GPUAMD‘s Zen CPU will also contain a high-performance GPU for heavy tasks. AMD being a threat for Intel started almost a decade ago but currently, its business graph is a downfall. AMD is intended to manufacture a new CPU+GPU 2-in-1 chip which can also be sued in PC’s and can also perform heavy tasks. The company has already manufactured chips with CPUs and GPUs for the gaming consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4.


Formerly GPUs are used as co-processors powering some of the world’s fastest supercomputers for tasks like economic forecasting, weather modeling, and weapon design etc.  Google data centers also use them for the deep learning process. AMD struggled with its FirePro high-performance GPU while Nvidia concurred the supercomputer space.


With the introduction of 64-bit chips in 2003 and dual-core chips shortly after, AMD became a major player in servers, but the failure of chips based on the Bulldozer core eventually ruined the company’s server efforts.


The Xeon Phi 7290 supercomputing mega chip from Intel offers a 72 core performance but sadly it doesn’t incorporate a GPU. Mostly supercomputers combine CPUs from Intel and GPUs from Nvidia for optimum performance. On the other hand, AMD’s Zen CPU will be unique. The CPU and GPU combo, when priced competitively, can be a game changer for the company.


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