AI dreams differently than humans

AI dreams differently than humans

AI dreams differently than humansArtificial Intelligence was inspired by humans. But it does have a very different way of getting things done. The current day’s algorithms are capable of judging the difference between a cat and a dog in a picture, but their approach is not familiar to that of humans.

The image is analyzed by both humans and AI in order to differentiate but the difference is AI use mathematical functions and humans use biological sensing neurons. The researchers at Facebook and Virginia tech conducted an experiment with a blurred image and asked questions about the same to both human and AI and the result was quite obvious. Judging by a scale of 1 to -1 where 1 is absolutely positive and -1 is absolutely negative, where two humans scored an average of 0.63, a human and AI combo scored 0.26.

Though the result shows otherwise, not necessarily they are less intelligence. The computer approach may overlook the human approach. Humans have common-sense that help them overcome the tricky situations. Researchers are working the similar kind of algorithms into an AI.

Companies such as DeepMind of Google and Magic Pony which was recently acquired by Twitter work on AI technologies that learn from observing a video and image without human intervention.

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