53 % Of World Population Is Still Deprived Of Internet

53 % Of World Population Is Still Deprived Of Internet

53 % Of World Population Is Still Deprived Of Internet3.9 billion Or about 53 percent of earth’s population is still offline, International Telecommunication Union estimates. Half of the World’s population is chasing Pokemon which does sound fascinating but what about the other half. Africa is leading the number game with 79 percent and the Europe is in the last number with 20.9 percent.


Every four out of five people have internet access in developed countries while a little over 40 percent do not have access to the internet in developing countries mentioned the annual report of the International Telecommunication Union. The agency’s report also mentioned a few recently declared developed countries have only 15 percent of people connected such as Myanmar, Ethiopia etc.


This map from the International Telecommunication Union exemplifies the percentage of individuals who are not connected to the internet. The difference between the male and female internet users has gone up to 12.2 percent from 11.0 percent in the year 2013. The entry level internet access has become affordable in many developed countries while it still remains not so affordable in developing and under developed countries.


The most common form of internet access is mobile and it is growing at a double-digit rate. IoT isn’t a big part of the internet yet in most countries. Cellular subscription for people is leading machine to machine (M2M) connection by 22 to 1 around the globe. Though in some places, the M2M is improving.


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