5 advantages of Open Source Software

5 advantages of Open Source Software

5 advantages of Open Source SoftwareOpen Source software offers the advantage that commercial software cannot, hence business owners overwhelmed by the cost of commercial software often look for Open Source ones.

Bellow mentioned are 5 such features.


1. More Security

Users not familiar with the OpenSource software often complain about its security. The reason is source code is available to anyone having an internet connection, which jeopardizes its security. While that is understandable, it’s groundless precisely the same reason for their concern in the first place. More eyes are looking in favor of fixing the flaw as Open Source development teams are considerably larger in number than their commercial counterparts.

2. Fewer Bugs and Faster Fixes

For the same reason that makes the OpenSource software more secure, the speed of fixing bugs is distinctively faster than commercial software. Members of OpenSource development team can release a newer version as soon as he finds and fixes the bugs.

3. No Mandatory Upgrade Push

While commercial software vendors change their interface rapidly and mandatory updates are pretty regular which when missed will leave the user behind without support, Open Source software adhere to slow changing standard hence interface remains familiar and don’t push mandatory upgrades.

4. Excellent Support Options

Answers to the problems are easy to find when searched. One or the other forums will write the solution as Open Source users are significantly more in number, forum members are quick to respond to when requested. Want paid support? You will find it for much less cost as compared to commercial software.

5. Low Cost and Added Value

Open Source software can often be found with no fee attached, which is a major part of the community’s ethos. The proposition seems attractive when you receive similar or even better functionality than that of commercial software and value added services too for zero or very little fee.

Features like better security, quicker bug fix, slow changing environment, affordable support will certainly give u a value for your money even though not all Open Source software are better than commercial counterparts.


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